Alcohol & Your Kids

Alcohol & Your Kids


‘Understanding Drugs: Alcohol’ by Justin T. Gass

Ray's Night Out

ReachOut - Alcohol

How risk-taking changes a teenager’s brain - Kashfia Rahman

‘No Thanks!’ by Erainna Winnett

Raising Children

Positive Choices


‘Saying No Is Not Enough’ by Dr Robert Schwebel

What is a standard drink?

Talk. They hear you

Talk. They hear you

'Drug and Alcohol Education Booklet' for Students

Drug Facts For Young People

Marijuana Madness - Part 1

Better Health Channel


Raising Children

Marijuana Madness - Part 2

DrinkControl: Alcohol Tracker


Step Away: Alcohol Help


Parental monitoring

'Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs' by Paul Dillon

Alcohol and children



The Other Talk

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Alcohol and the Teenage Brain

Alcohol related harms in teenagers

‘First Step to Better Choices’ by Denise DeNicolo

Short-term Consequences

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A guide to counting drinks

Life 360

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AlcoDroid: Alcohol Tracker

Alcohol and Your Brain

Alcohol Drug Helpline

‘You Can Say “No” To Drugs’ by Gretchen Super

Alcohol and Drug Foundation

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Emerging Psychoactive Substances (EPS)

No Evidence to support early drinking

Teen Drinking

Alcohol and young people

Alcohol and young people

ReachOut - Drugs

'Alcohol and Your Kids' produced by Alcohol NZ

Parents of primary kids

Nitrous Oxide (Nangs): the facts


Alcohol and Drug Foundation

‘Drug and Alcohol Education Booklet’ for Parents

‘Drug and Alcohol Education Booklet’ for Teachers

Alcohol Think Again


Energy Drinks